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Dinner Menu – Discover our Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Food

Boasting a rich selection of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and North African dishes, our menu caters for every flavour, dietary requirement and occasion.

All our dishes are halal.


Sesame Glazed Falafel (4p) (V)

Homemade sesame glazed falafel served on a bed of creamy tahini sauce

Crispy Rustic Cauliflower (V) (GF)

Crispy cauliflower lightly tossed in a blend of Moroccan spices and crushed pine nuts. Served on a bed of creamy tahini sauce topped w. chilli

Baked Zest Halloumi (V) (GF)

Baked halloumi served with a delicate pomegranate marmalade, red onion tossed with fresh mint & parsley topped with roasted pine nuts and a lemon wedge

Sweet & Spiced Wings (5p)

Tangy chicken wings marinated in a concoction of aromatic Northern African spices served w. our homemade sweet chilli, soy & coriander dipping sauce

Mecca Bah Kataifi (4p) (V)

A fresh, creamy blend of halloumi, mozzarella & feta cheese, mixed w. pine nuts & encrusted in a shredded Middle eastern inspired pastry

Trio Of Dips (V)

Green hummus, labneh and baba ghanoush served w. toasted Turkish bread

Wild Mediterranean Spiced Lamb

Mediterranean spiced lamb, fresh pine nuts, green hummus & natural herbs served w. sliced, crispy Turkish bread

Lamb Boureks (4p)

Parcelled homemade dough, crisped with olive oil and stuffed with a blend of succulent marinated lamb & roasted pine nuts, served on a bed of creamy mint yoghurt

Steamed Persian Green-Style Dumplings (5p)

Homemade chicken mince tossed in a vibrant blend of spices in a green style dumpling topped w. fresh tomatoes & complimented by an
earthy concoction of sesame oil & fresh lemon

Aromatic Spice Meatballs (4p) (GF)

Spiced beef meatballs topped w. fresh natural yoghurt, pomegranate seeds & coriander

Seared Lamb Cutlets (2p)

Lamb cutlets encrusted with a rich array of Armenian spices, served with an Israeli couscous salad, sautéed zucchini, green hummus, sumac & a fresh pomegranate glaze

Sticky King Prawns (3p)

Grilled & marinated king prawns served w. light tomato Israeli couscous,
fresh iceberg lettuce, Mediterranean seasonal caviar, taramasalata & crispy bread

Mecca Bah Mezze Plate

Toasted Turkish bread, green hummus, feta mixed w. sun dried tomatoes, baba ghanoush, pickled turnip, stuffed eggplant & fresh basturma


Baked Halloumi Salad (V)

Israeli couscous, quinoa, fresh cucumber, roma tomatoes & rocket topped w. lightly baked halloumi, crispy almond flakes & drizzled w. a pomegranate glaze

Moroccan Chicken Salad

Moroccan marinated sliced chicken, rocket, light tomato couscous, za’atar avocado, quinoa & crispy Turkish bread

North African Lamb Salad

African spiced shredded lamb, fresh cucumber, baby spinach, pickled beetroot, radish & dukkah, finished w. a sweet pomegranate glaze


all served with cous cous

Chermoula Vegetable (V) (VG)

An array of locally sourced sweet potatoes, carrots, fennel bulbs, eggplant and zucchini roasted w. rich chermoula spices

Sesame & Honey Chicken

Moroccan seasoned chicken, ground cinnamon, sultanas, flaked almonds, sesame seeds & natural honey

Seared & Spiced Lamb

Tender spiced lamb topped w. pitted green olives

Stone-Baked Mecca Bah Pizza

Smoked & Spiced Halloumi (V)

Halloumi, locally sourced sun-dried tomatoes, eggplant & parsley on a bed of our
homemade kofta sauce, topped w. harissa vinaigrette

Persian Chicken & Tahini

Middle eastern spiced chicken & eggplant, glazed w. tahini sauce & topped w. fresh rocket on a bed of our homemade kofta sauce

Triple Mushroom (V)

Fresh oyster mushrooms, Swiss button mushrooms & truffle oil topped w. aged cheddar & mozzarella cheese on a bed of homemade kofta sauce

Moroccan Spit Roasted Lamb

Marinated Spit Roasted Lamb, drizzled w. a creamy mint yoghurt & topped w. fresh rocket & sumac on a bed of our homemade kofta sauce

The Middle Eastern ‘Surf & Turf’

Marinated garlic prawns, slow braised pulled beef topped w. aged cheddar & mozzarella on a bed of homemade kofta sauce

Gluten Free Pizza Base



Garlic Chicken Kebab

Marinated garlic chicken, homemade Persian pilaf, served w. a fresh seasoned tabbouleh & creamy mint yoghurt

Harissa Lamb Shish

Baharat marinated lamb Shish, served w. flat bread & fresh herbs, glazed w. a harissa pomegranate reduction & a side of tahini sauce

Sticky Short Beef Ribs

Tender beef ribs w. a silky harissa pomegranate glaze complimented by organic sweet potato wedges & garlic sauce

Mixed Kebab Grill

Chargrilled garlic chicken & tsire spiced lamb skewers served w. our homemade creamy mint yoghurt, harissa pomegranate glaze, pilaf & citrus

Mecca Bah Signature Platter

Short tender glazed beef ribs, an assortment of chargrilled garlic chicken & tsire spiced lamb skewers, aromatic Persian pilaf served w. Lebanese flat bread, our homemade garlic sauce & Miditerranean bone marrow


Wild Seasoned Calamari

Tenderised calamari marinated w. wild paprika, fresh oregano, ground garlic & saffron. Served w. Turkish muhammara, green beans, cannelloni beans & lemon

African Spiced Octopus (GF)

Tenderised Fremantle Octopus, tossed in African spices, sliced radish, mixed greens & a homemade garlic sauce topped w. onion & fresh coriander (seasonal availability)

Pan Seared Salmon

Pan Seared Salmon served w. broccolini & wild Mediterranean artichoke served in a lightly spiced soy broth


Fresh Chilli


Turkish Bread (2p)


Lebanese Flat Bread (4p)


Harissa / Tahini / Mint Yoghurt


Garlic Sauce


Hummus / Labneh / Baba Ghanoush


Cous Cous

Served fluffy

Pilaf / Mjaddarah



Served w. tomato sauce

Rustic Smashed Potatoes

Potatoes glazed w. onion, ground garlic, paprika & a parsley sauce


Roma tomatoes, onion, parsley & mint tossed w. bourgal, freshly squeezed lemon juice & African spices


Roma tomatoes, cucumber, sliced radish & fresh herbs topped w. Lebanese croutons & spices
Cocktails at Mecca Bah - Broadbeach, Gold Coast
Espresso Martini and Turkish Delight martini – Compliment your dinner with a signature or classic cocktail!

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