Mecca Bah



VE = Vegan  VN = Vegetarian

NF = Nut Free  NC = No Chilli

DF = Dairy Free  GF = Gluten Free

NG = No Garlic


Harissa marinated mixed olives. (VE, VN, DF, GF, NF)

Hummus topped with spiced lamb, pine nuts, herbs and Lebanese Za’atar bread.

Meditteranean bone marrow with dips and bread. (DF, NF, NC, NG)

Hot Turkish bread. (VN, NF, NC)

Hot Turkish bread, no ghee. (VE, V, DF, NF, NC, NG)

Labna. (VN, GF, NC, NG)

Labna, no dukkah. (VN, NF, NC, NG)

Hummus. (VE, VN, DF, GF, NF, NC, NG)

Baba Ganoush. (VN, GF, NF, NG)

Sweet potato falafels with tahini sauce. (VN, GF, NF)

Sweet potato falafels, no tahini. (VE, VN, DF, GF, NF)

Mixed mezze platter, baba ganoush, labna, harissa olives, flatbread, artichoke, smoked salmon and sliced pastrami. (GF, NF, NC, NG)

Baked halloumi with pomegranate, mint salad and lemon. (VN, GF, NC)

Baked halloumi with pomegranate, mint salad and lemon, no pine nuts. (VN, GF, NF, NC)

Mushroom cup filled with middle eastern cheeses. (VN, GF, NC)

Spicy lamb and pinenut boureks.

Cauliflower. (VE, VN, D, GF, NF, NG)

Spicy Turkish lamb kofte with yoghurt and mint sauce. DF on request. (DF, GF, NF)

Harira soup, vegetarian, chickpea and lentil soup. (VE, VN, DF, GF, NF, NC, NG)

Harira soup, spicy lamb, chickpea and lentil soup. (DF, GF, NF)


Beetroot, radish and rocket salad with pomegranate dressing. (VE, VN, DF, GF, NF, NC, NG)

Grilled lamb, pumpkin, baby spinach, pickled beetroot, radish, cucumber and mint with orange balsamic dressing and pomegranate molasses dressing. GF and NF on request. (DF, GF, NF, NC)

Mixed quinoa, roasted pumpkin, snow pea tendril, asparagus, feta with apple balsamic dressing. no feta, without quinoa, can be made gluten or nut free. (VE, VN, DF, GF, NF, NC)

Fattoush, Lebanese bread salad. (VE, VN, DF, NF, NC, NG)

Fattoush, Lebanese bread salad. No bread. (VE, VN, DF, GF, NF, NC, NG)

Tabbouleh. (VE, VN, DF, NF, NC)

Tabbouleh. No boughal. (VE, VN, DF, GF, NF, NC)

Baked halloumi, spinach, pineapple, apple, raisins, celery, carrot, almond flakes, cucumber and mint with orange balsamic dressing. Can be VE, DF or NF on request. (VE, GF, NF, NC, NG)


Pizzas can be served dairy free on request.
Tomato sauce used on most pizza contains garlic and chilli.

Spit roast lamb, rocket, yoghurt and sesame. (NF)

Pulled slow braised beef, aged cheddar cheese, onion jam and saute mushrooms. (DF, NF)

Mixed seafood pizza with cheese. (DF, NF)

Spiced chicken with eggplant, rocket and tahini sauce. (DF, NF)

Harissa spiced tomato, halloumi, parsley and eggplant. (VN, NF)

Harissa spiced tomato, parsley and eggplant. (VE, VN, DF, NF)

Turkish lamb kofte, spicy tomato sauce and yoghurt. DF on request. (DF, NF)

Roast pumpkin, chilli, pomegranate jam and feta. (VN, NF)

Roast pumpkin, chilli and pomegranate. (VE, VN, DF, NF)


All tagines can be served gluten free when couscous is replaced with rice.

Lamb with preserved lemon, green olives and harissa. (DF, NF)

Chicken with cinnamon, raisins, almonds, sesame and honey. (DF)

Chicken with cinnamon, raisins, sesame and honey. (DF, NF)

Barramundi, mussels, local prawns with harissa, tomatoes and preserved lemon. (DF, NF)

Roasted seven vegetables flavoured with chermoula spices. (VE, VN, DF, NF)

Lamb meatball with egg and spicy tomato sauce. (DF)

Lamb meatball with egg and spicy tomato sauce. No pine nuts. (DF, NF)


Grills can be made dairy free on request.
Grills can be made gluten free on request.

Tenderized calamari marinated with paprika, fresh oregano, garlic, saffron, muhammara sauce, green beans, cannellini beans and side of lemon. Can be made nut free. (DF, GF, NF)

Crispy skin barramundi, roasted lemon, walnuts, Meditteranean artichoke, broccoli, hummus and a side of lemon. (DF, GF, NF, NC)

Marinated grilled octopus with radish, mixed greens, coriander and broccoli. (DF, GF, NF)

Garlic chicken kebab, mjaddarah and tabbouleh. (NF, NC)

Tsire spiced lamb kebab with fragrant rice pilaf and eggplant imam byaldi. (GF)

Mixed kebab grill, garlic chicken and tsire spiced lamb, served with minted yoghurt, lemon and pilaf. No yoghurt and NF on request. (DF, NF)

Baharat spiced lamb shish served with Lebanese flatbread. NF and GF upon request. (GF, NF)

Mix meat platter, roack of short ribs, a skewer of lamb and chicken, rice, pilaf, garlic skordalia and bone marrow. Can be made DF and NF. (DF, GF)


All ice creams are gluten free except the Strawberry and Boysenberry.
Blood orange sorbet is the only dairy free ice cream.

Sticky date pudding. (NC, NG)

Yoghurt, semolina and pistachio cake with rose water syrup. (NC, NG)

Flourless orange and almond cake (GF, NC, NG)

Chocolate and Turkish delight brownie (NF, NC, NG)

Orange blossom cheesecake with pomegranate, raspberry and honey syrup. (GF, NC, NG)

Lebanese ladies fingers (VE, VN, NC, NG)

Turkish delight. (DF, GF, NF, NC, NG)